Sightseeing in Japan for car lovers! – Bakery and Table Toufu-ya in Izu –


Introducing the "Ashiyu cafe" meaning Onsen for foot where you can go using car from Tokyo on a day trip! Also to get there, you go through one of the most beautiful road in Japan.

The name is "Bakery and Table Toufu-ya".
Just in case... be called "Toufu" but has never to do with miso soup.😂😂



98, Yoshina, Izu-City, Shizuoka, Japan, 〒410-3208 

It's just right distance from Tokyo, 2 hours and a half one way in a car.
Maybe, in the case of using my super sports car, It ’s an hour and a half.🤣💨

If you want to go through on the good root, should set the navigation system following.
①Seisho PA in Seisyo-bypass inbound lane
②Atami beach line
③Izu skyline
Goal: Bakery and Table Toufu-ya (98, Yoshina, Izu-City, Shizuoka, Japan, 〒410-3208)

After you went to Toufu-ya, more 20 minutes you will reach the best road. There is called "Nishi-Izu Skyline". I strongly recommend drop in.


Free of charge and there are many place you can park.


Inside and Menu

Look this! You are able to eat and drink something while watching the beautiful Japanese garden!
The taste is good and the price is not expensive! This set was about 8$.

Since here is Ashiyu cafe, there is a Onsen at your feet. While you feel Onsen, you can enjoy the cafe.


For car lovers, it will be the best sightseeing in Japan!